Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre

A bishop for the Church

about the documentary

To begin with, the life of Archbishop Lefebvre paints a fascinating story of a contemporary churchman born to a French Catholic family who abandoned all to become an African missionary. From a simple missionary he was appointed a bishop by Pope Pius XII, named Apostolic Delegate to French speaking Africa, and was elected the Superior General of the Holy Ghost Fathers, at the time the world’s largest missionary congregation.  He was also named to the Preparatory Commission for the Second Vatican Council by Pope John XXIII, and played an active role in that same Council, to say nothing of the post-conciliar period. The full story of this man’s life has never before been told through the medium of film.

Because it is scarcely possible to describe the history of the Church in Africa without mentioning him, or to describe accurately the Second Vatican Council and its aftermath without discussing his role, we decided it was time to create a documentary that captured the life of this defining churchman.

We are convinced that the objective and timely approach to this subject is one which will interest Catholics across the theological, political, and social spectrums, especially as it includes archival photographs and video footage rarely seen before. On top of this, the creators of the documentary traveled the globe to interview many of the bishops, priests, and lay faithful who knew or crossed paths with Archbishop Lefebvre, including interviews with his remaining siblings about his childhood. The story has never before been told in this way, or with this wealth of first-hand information.





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